Mar 13, 2012
The Rain (la Pluie in French), a natural phenomenon that has been with the planet Earth even before the existence of mankind. Some people love it; some hate it; some fear of it. No matter how you react to it, we and all living things do need it to survive on this planet. Over different centuries and countries, the rain is deified and had also been depicted in innumerable ways, symbolically, religiously, artistically, musically and materially. The Parisian anthropology museum le quai Branly is now paying an homage to this natural gift, exploring various aspects through a selection of about 95 artifacts associated with the rain from AfricaAsiaOceania and America. The exhibition is divided into three sections: (1) Under the Rain – shows forms created by men to shelter and protect himself; (2) Rain – illustrates its vital need and highlights the calling rituals of different tribes to make it come; (3) Symbols and Metaphors – explores the animal representations associated with the rain. Are you one of the poetic lovers of the rain? If you are, make sure you check out this beautiful exhibition beforeMay 13th, 2012.
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